An amazing discovery, at the cutting edge of science & investigative journalism, a Flan has been found trying to communicate!!  Experts have worked around the clock to assist this commune, and to also see how this happened & what it really means to us all.

And Here It Is, Pictured Alongside, The First, (human heard) Decree of Flan...

This was the result of that hard work of many to interpret the message of this incredible Flan and in the manner it wished, through 'sign', passion & flair!. 

Putting the startling nature of this statement/threat to 1 side for the moment, the Flan, frankly looks great, and the notion that life force has transferred beyond the grain, to flan, and is now constant is truly fascinating.

But we also have a special recording taken from within the Flan, with the aid of the latest technology available.  The latest flan-sensitive microphones were inserted, with permission, (utilising 'polenta based pickups' for extra amplification) & and reached what is believed at current to be the stomach of the thing.  Now, we are able to glimpse what's really going on inside this man eating beast and hear for ourselves, it's own inner proclamation. 

So Lets Go Deep Down, 

Into The Filling Of The Flan.

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  1. I like that idea of life force from grain to flan, and now - OUT! telling and threatening without giving a damn.

    Them flowers look nice too (she says).

    Flan-sensitive microphones, polenta-based pick-ups, the flan frankly looks great... as usual you command the language with such imagination. And flair! Like the flan.

    Is this the flan-world equivalent of the sound of the planets we discovered this past week?