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This is the title of an early Russian cartoon from around the late 1920s, that’s an unusual blend between the experimental animation styles of the decade and the coming trend towards social realism in the 1930’s.

I’ve been very lucky to get hold of a copy of this rare sketch of the main character, but it's hard finding any surviving footage though a little does exist.  I was at a local Nunderground event recently (secret gatherings that showcase illicit material suppressed or rare) and managed to see a little of the opening before the event was rumbled.

It’s essentially a superhero cartoon, but with a key difference, because this particular hero sets out to show he is neither ‘super’ nor a ‘hero’, and not above anyone else.

I found this fascinating, especially existing at this period of time, so I’ll set out the key aspects of the cartoon to illustrate what’s wonderful and freeing about it.

(you can see the evidence for each point in the picture)

1. He only used his muscles to squeeze the stashed stolen cash that had been tucked under the guts of  the greedy fat cats, (they had taped dirty money to the 'ceiling', and rammed 'embezzled energy' under the basin of their stomachs)

And he didn't harm them either.   Only bust a few ribs sometimes.  Believed all are made good and equal - just got lost.

2. Long Pickey pokey finger,  independently rotated and pointed out injustice, and if not poked much out during the day, it went home late to it's “picking post”, to take out any extra stress and energy, and not on anyone else.

3. Scribbled face - was to confuse attackers and to not allow idolization.   Though war and disagreement has raged through human history (though not always as we are taught - more on this in another chapter) the one thing everyone, warlords and the like, had always being able to agree and rely on was the constant of a nose in the centre of a face not shifting about when punching it...until now.

(it was often known as the “steady anchor” in different cultures.)

4. Anti hierarchy cream - his magic shoulder squeezed out a special substance

part hair
   part air
     part tube

But believed anyone could have it and set out often to prove it.  It removed barriers, highlighted hierarchies.  And without these invented barriers, the cream revealed in successive episodes how all are truly equal in every way.

5. No sole villains - was the whole why they were where they were.

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