Pump's Kin

I'm in the process of making some sketches and portraits of my dog and accountant, Pump Gregoriou, which I will put up as soon as the final edit has been agreed. 

In the meantime, here is one of his siblings, Brother Calzone, and amongst the family he is known as the 'Meat Finder'.

Brother Calzone
'Dressed and posing for Portrait'


  1. Hello Brother Calzone. What those eyes must have seen! Interesting that the word 'Calzone' is in italics, on his insistence I wonder? Or maybe just the emphasis he naturally commands.

    His tie is exquisite.

  2. A bit of both, he never would make a point of it or insist though, and yes he has seen a lot really, with his line of work it comes with the territory.

    And it was a job on getting him to put that tie on, doesn't like showing off or dressing up, but as it was for Pump's retrospective he agreed.